Getting Ready For Some Guests!

We spent yesterday getting ready for some special guests today!  My In-Loves!!!!  I hate to call them “In-Law’s” because it has such a negative connotation. So I call them my in-loves!  They are coming in town for Aidan’s LAST soccer game tomorrow.

Yesterday we got the house spic & span, house-guest ready and also went to the grocery store for some last minute items.  I am planning on making the delicious Chicken Tortilla Crock Pot Soup I made a few weeks ago, for dinner tonight.  I hope they like it!  After grocery shopping we stopped by Schlotzsky’s for lunch.

I chose the pick two with half a smoked turkey sandwich & the

photo 1

Cranberry, Apple, Pecan & Chicken Salad

“Fresh mixed field greens, goat cheese, pecans, dried cranberries, apple wedges, red onion, garlic focaccia croutons and grilled chicken strips. Served with a side of hot flat bread and dressing of your choice.” -Schlotzsky’s website

It was a good thing I was super hungry because this was a lot more than I had hoped for!  I ate half of the half sandwich and all of the salad.  It was delicious! I shared the flat bread with Jeremy, but I wish I hadn’t because it was tasty too!

Later that afternoon, Aidan and I shared some jelly beans (so much for that detox) on the couch while watching cartoons. My lack of sleep from the night before kicked in and I fell asleep for about and hour.  Interesting fact: I saw on Dr. Oz that you should nap between 1pm & 4pm but for only 30 min if you want a pick-me-up.  Any longer and your brain will be in too relaxed of a state. You will wake up feeling more tired than when you laid down for the nap in the first place!  Indeed!  I woke up feeling super drowsy and drunk. Thumbs down


photo 3

Cara Cara orange & Fuji Apple


photo 2

Completely packaged and ready in 20 minutes!

photo 4

I have never cooked fish before and have no interest in doing so at this point.  I was really happy to see that all I had to do was put these packages in a baking dish for 20 min.

photo 5

Birdseye Steamed Asparagus, 1/2 cup Uncle Ben’s Long Grain & Wild Rice, 1/2 a Van de Kamp’s Parchment Bake fillet.

There were only two fillets in the box so Aidan and I shared.  Wow.  We ALL loved it.  I was so impressed.  I am not a huge fish fan but am really trying to be.  I am so glad I stumbled upon this!  Thumbs upThumbs up This would make a great lunch too!

The asparagus didn’t turn out well.  I just can’t seem to get the hang of it.  I thought I couldn’t fail with the steamer bag but I did.  Confused smile

Take 2


I steamed up some broccoli and had another 1/2 cup of rice.

Dinner preparation was full of small mishaps.  I destroyed the asparagus.  The Uncle Ben’s rice bag exploded in the microwave, sending brown rice all over the inside of the microwave.  I bit into a piece of broccoli and immediately spit it out onto my plate like I was raised by heathens.  It was still frozen!  Jeremy had taken the carousel from the microwave out to wash, so I think the broccoli didn’t cook evenly.  Only about half of it was hot enough to eat.  Thumbs down  Needless to say I didn’t get enough to eat at dinner and found myself hungry a few hours later.

I had some of “the boys’” cereal.


Cascadian Farms Cinnamon Crunch.

This was a perfect bedtime snack, sweet, low calorie and filling.

On the agenda for today: Workout, get crock pot meal together,  & spend some good quality time with my loved ones.

I hope everyone has a terrific weekend!!!

Questions of the day?

What are your weekend plans?

What is the last “new food” item you tried that you were pleasantly pleased with?

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